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About Me

Hello friends! My name is Amber and I am owner, creator and illustrator at The Primrose Corner! Here you will find my artwork on a variety of stationery items including stickers, die cuts and washi tape. I am working on adding sticky notes, journaling cards and maybe even enamel pins. I'm also working on potentially adding art prints to the shop as well! 
I have been drawing and doodling and journaling and planning and all of the above since before I can remember. In my attic I have dozens and dozens of sketchbooks and journals from over the years. Growing up I had a hard time concentrating in school unless I was drawing at the same time. I used to get into so much trouble for doodling all over my homework, but I couldn't be stopped! I even remember doodling on my AP Government exam (that I handed in, GASP!). The world told me that being an artist wouldn't get me very far so once I graduated from high school I attended college and studied psychology. Fast forward through years of not doing work that made me happy, I had a family and four beautiful kids and moved over 2000 miles away from family (military spouse) and I finally had an epiphany. Do what you LOVE! So I did. And here we are. 
The Primrose Corner, where I am finally realizing my dreams and staying true to my whimsical artist heart. Thank you for supporting me in my journey. I hope my art speaks to you in some way. Connecting with my audience and my customers has been the best part of this journey. 

Artfully Yours, 


Creator of Primrose

Whimsical at Heart